Changing Your Life, Everything All At Once

what a fucking tragedy. fuck. 
In the span of two weeks, this drama queen has had a bit of a busy life. Getting yelled at by my surgeon to lose weight and quit smoking hit home, so I set out to do both. Not easy, at the same time. But. In two weeks I lost 10lbs and I had my last cigarette on May 1st.

 Let me tell you, it's a bitch to get these patches to stay lit.

 On May 2nd, I get the call. "Oh, we had a cancellation. We're not going to make you wait two months. We're gonna laser that vital organ THIS FUCKING TUESDAY."

 So. As of right now I have 3 days to prepare for this. My first ever general anesthesia. In a flurry of activity, I spent the last two days spewing blood and urine into various containers, getting my stupid heart condition checked out in 3 different ways, and not fucking smoking. Fuck you, fuck you, you, you, AND you.

 Sorry. It says on my patches that I should warn those around me I may be slightly irritable.

I'm terrified. Also excited, relieved, pissy and hungry. Don't forget sick! Came down with a cold today. (And God LHFAO)

Wish me luck, for my next blog I shall be minus one 12mm rock.